Ko Samui

We started the trip from Ko Phangan to Ko Samui with a share taxi from Mai Pen Rai to Thong Sala. It was a very fancy brand new jeep 4×4 which looked very expensive for a small set of huts on a beach. I am not sure how one pays for that at 200Bht a ride.
We arrived in Thong Sala at 10:30 and the boat to Ko Samui was not leaving until 12:30 so we lugged our bags around town, checked out the stores and Harold got a haircut.
We took a ferry to Na Thon pier on Ko Samui. As soon as we got off the boat we were surrounded by people trying to sell us rides in private taxis. We held out for a share taxi and got a ride to Chawang beach for 100Bht. As usual the taxi driver had to call the hotel to find out where it was. He dropped us off in front of a McDonald’s which was the first American fast food we had seen since Bangkok. We walked through and sure enough our hotel was on the other side.


We stayed at Long Beach Lodge. 1200Bht for the cheapest room which included breakfast and had AC and a fridge. They took our passports and put them in their safe. It was really western compared to everywhere else we had been. We could have been in the Caribbean. There is a lot of development on Ko Samui and a lot of it occurred after they got an airport.

We found a place to do our laundry for 40Bht a kg and wandered around the area.

We found a night market for super and walked to The Ark know as night party central on the beach. It was surrounded by girly clubs and was definitely a sketchy area. We walked back along the beach and were approached by a guy trying to sell us drugs of all kinds. The development on Ko Samui was a big change from our isolated  beach on Ko Phangan.

On our second day on Ko Samui we rented a scooter for 200Bht and rode to the viewpoint between Chaweng beach and Lamai beach at Coral Cove. We had hoped to snorkel but we could not find a way down to the beach and the water was very choppy. We continued through Lamai which is a little less family friendly than Chawang and ended up at Hin Yai and Hin Ta, the grandmother and grandfather rocks which are supposed to look like male and female sex organs. There were lots of tourists taking pictures with the giant penis. We paid 10bht each to walk up to a viewpoint where Harold tried to identify where he was when he was in the area 25 years ago.

We stopped at Wat Lamai on the way back. I was under dressed but Harold went in and bought an amulet which was blessed by a friendly monk.


We went past the hotel to the top of the island and the Big Buddha which is a huge! The signs on the property included some interesting translations into English and there were roosters all over the place. It was very hot and we took our shoes off as one is supposed to unfortunately the tiles were so hot we burned the bottom of our feet. I also got a piece of glass tile in my foot which stayed for weeks after we came back. There was also a shell shop on the property selling many odd things including puffer fish lamps.

Back at long beach we had trucks driving through regularly with speakers advertising the big fight tonight only (every night). We found the actual arena one night it was big and modern. One final discovery, on a run was an adult outdoor playground/gym which was getting lots of use from locals.

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